MPs ‘offered millions’ to vote for Prayut

Bangkok: Future forward Party spokesperson Pannika Wanich and 13 other party MPs claimed that they were offered huge sums of money to vote for General Prayut Chan-­o-cha as the new prime minister.

They refused to give the names.

The MPs making the claim included Anawin Ratanasataporn, Taophi­pob Limchitrakorn, Thitinan Saeng­nark, Thongdang Benjapak and Theerachai Phanthamat.

Pannika said on Wednesday there was no way the pro-junta Phalang Pracharat Party would be able to form a stable government with just 150 seats in the lower house, which is why it was offering huge sums to many parties in exchange for votes.

Anawin, a Pathum Thani MP, said he had been approached twice.

Bangkok MP Taopiphob disclosed that he had been offered up to 120 million baht (RM15.8mil) for his vote, but that he had responded by saying democracy could not be bought.

Khon Kaen MP Thitinan had been offered up to 50 million bhat (RM6.6mil) plus a monthly payment, while Samut Sakhon MP Thong­­dang said he had been offered up to 75 million baht (RM9.9mil), but had refused.

Pannika confirmed that Future Forward MPs had been offered money and some were even threatened if they refused to vote for Prayut.

She said there were many brokers in parliament whose intention was to keep the junta in power, but refused to reveal any names so as to not endanger the MPs.

“An MP’s duty is to protect the people’s interest and form a government. Their job is not to join other MPs in exchange for money. We at Future Forward will stick together as we share the same ideology,” she added. — The Nation/Asia News Network