Parking fees in Beijing to be tied to drivers’ credit

  • China
  • Thursday, 16 May 2019

Beijing: A driver’s credit will be negatively affected if he or she fails to pay a roadside parking fee in time in Beijing, under a regulation being researched by the city.

The Beijing Municipal Commis­sion of Transport said recently that three major districts which set up electronic billing at the start of

the year – covering 13,000 parking spots in Xicheng, Dongcheng and Tong­zhou – will be followed by all other districts in the city by Dec 1.

The amount of time a car is parked along the street is monitored by an overhead electronic device, and the driver is then billed via an app.

Drivers can pay through the app or in person with cash at a government service centre. Attendants cannot be paid.

If the driver fails to pay the fee within the allotted time, the transport authority sends a text reminder. If overdue for over 30 days, the driver will face a fine of 200 yuan (RM121) to 1,000 yuan (RM606).

In the future, a person who fails to pay the parking fee will get more than just a fine – the behaviour will be included in the person’s credit profile.

In November, Beijing said the capital would complete its social credit system covering all permanent residents of the city by 2020.

Tan Xuxiang, head of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said the system would combine information from the governmental and social sectors and show a full picture of a person’s credit status.“It’s also a measure for creating a fair market for business,” he said.

The authority will maintain a blacklist and make it available for public use for market access, public services, travel and employment.

Activities will be limited for people on the list.

Meanwhile, residents with good credit will be rewarded. In some public service areas, they will be granted easier and faster access. — China Daily/Asia News Network

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