Hun Sen defends promoting his sons

Phnom Penh: Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen lashed out at critics for questioning high-level appointments bestowed on his children, denying that the promotions were part of a strategy to “strengthen power”.

The 66-year-old leader has ruled Cambodia for 33 years and his administration is full of family-linked officials, with his three sons in key posts across defence and intelligent establishments.

The premiere has long shrugged off accusations of nepotism.

In a speech to students here, he framed the promotions as a natural byproduct of education and training.

“They say it is to strengthen power.

“We sent them for training. What should we train them for?”

Analysts say Hun Sen has stayed in power for decades through a mix of political savvy and loyal networks in the security forces, and that he is grooming his sons as possible successors. — AFP