It’s best to leave teen blogger alone, says former bailor

A DAY after claiming that he was “extremely remorseful” for the false claim that his former bailor Vincent Law had molested him and that he would offer a “detailed” public apology, teenage blogger Amos Yee has again admitted to lying.

On Saturday, he wrote: “I should issue a sincere apology to Vincent Law? Hahahahaha.” Instead he claimed that the 51-year-old youth counsellor threatened to discharge himself nine times as his bailor if Amos refused to have regular meetings with him.

Amos also described several instances in which he claimed Law was being unreasonable in the way he treated him.

When asked about Amos’ latest about-turn, Law said: “I think it’s best to leave Amos alone and not write about him.”

He added he was not considering legal action.

But on Saturday night, Law’s youngest son Francis posted a lengthy account on Facebook to defend his father’s actions, explaining the reason behind Law’s decision to bail out Amos.

“In many ways, my dad treated Amos almost like a son.

“While he may have seemed hard on Amos in front of him, my dad stood up for Amos in more ways than one,” wrote the 19-year-old student.

Francis also described his own interaction with Amos when the latter visited his house on occasion, and ended his post by reiterating his belief that his father had not made a mistake in helping Amos.

“What everyone has been reading about so far is just from Amos’ point of view, so my main intention is to provide another side to the story,” he said yesterday.

“Everything that my father has done so far was for Amos, never for his own personal gain.”

On May 15, after Law demanded an “unreserved apology” from Amos after the teenage blogger claimed he had molested him, Amos wrote on his Facebook page:

“I am extremely remorseful for the turmoil that I have caused to Vincent and his family, for the allegations towards him.”

Law had initially posted bail of S$20,000 (RM53,903) for the teenager last month, stepping up after his parents refused to do so.

The teenager was found guilty on May 12 of uploading an obscene image and making remarks intending to hurt the feelings of Christians, after a two-day trial last week.

That day, the court reduced the bail sum to S$10,000 (RM26,950), with no conditions attached. Bail was posted by his parents.

Amos will be sentenced on June 2, pending the outcome of a probation report. — The Straits Times / Asia News Network

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