WeChat cracks down hard on plagiarism

BEIJING: Public accounts on Tencent’s WeChat app found plagiarising will face removal from the instant messaging service, its developers said in a statement.

“WeChat encourages original content and quality service” and will firmly crack down on pirates, said the statement issued Tuesday.

The announcement came after complaints of people stealing content from other public accounts and passing it off as their own. This can divert traffic from the original poster and, in some cases, hurt advertising sales for sponsored public accounts.

Under the new rules, operators of such accounts will be asked to delete the plagiarised article and be given a warning. After a second offence, the account will be suspended for seven days, with 15 days for the third time and 30 days for the fourth.

The account will be terminated for good if found plagiarising a fifth time. For those who violate the rules and use the “originality declaration” function for copycat contents, WeChat will temporarily suspend the accounts. — China Daily / Asia News Network

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