From green dreams to ESG reality

In addition to migratory species, Eco Grandeur also boasts high biodiversity of local avian species due to its proximity to wetlands, forests and parks.

Eco Grandeur scoops award for sustainable ecosystems

IN A world where environmental consciousness and sustainable living have become paramount, Eco Grandeur emerged as a testament to the power of forward-thinking architecture and eco-friendly design.

For EcoWorld, their efforts in Eco Grandeur received recognition from a panel of independent judges who saw how the township presented a comprehensive and extensive expression of the developer’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspirations.

Eco Grandeur, a paragon of sustainable living, had recently achieved a remarkable milestone by clinching a prestigious gold award at the inaugural ESG Positive Impact Awards (ESG PIA 2022) earlier this year in the category of “Sustainable Ecosystems”.

Situated as an oasis of green tranquillity, the property seamlessly integrates contemporary luxury with eco-conscious practices, presenting a paradigm shift in the real estate landscape.

From energy-efficient infrastructure to waste reduction initiatives, from water conservation systems to the preservation of local ecosystems, Eco Grandeur’s unwavering dedication to holistic sustainability sets a remarkable precedent for the industry.

EcoWorld’s ‘grand’ ethos

At the heart of Eco Grandeur’s sustainable ethos is EcoWorld’s design philosophy embedded in what they describe as their DNA – D represents design, N represents nature and A represents art.

For the developer, these three elements are inseparable when creating a property with intrinsic value for its residents.

Spanning some 930ha, the land where Eco Grandeur stands on in Puncak Alam of Selangor was part of several abandoned projects from the last two decades. EcoWorld acquired the site in 2016 via a joint venture with the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and began work in restoring the land.

Since its inception, the developer had embedded ESG-centric strategies into the township, including a biodiversity master plan, preservation efforts of flora and fauna, and also investment into green infrastructure and green product features.

To facilitate this, EcoWorld has its own sustainability committee and ESG councils to ensure effective execution and management of ESG practices and policies across their projects.

With good leadership, EcoWorld’s sustainability strategies have impacted businesses and the wider environment of Eco Grandeur positively.

A biodiverse oasis

Eco Grandeur’s site is a prime habitat for avian life, being situated along a migratory route for Australian and North Asian birds known as the Asian-Australasian Flyway. This is a rest stop for native bird communities travelling between the coasts of Selangor and the Titiwangsa Mountain Range to escape winter.

As part of the master plan to preserve biodiversity, there are several landscaping zones throughout the development, each catering to specific species native to the site.

To illustrate, the countryside landscape of Eco Grandeur’s urban parks supports grassland species such as the chestnut-breasted malkoha and orange-bellied flowerpecker, while the wetland plains surrounding the lake is home to sea eagles and white-throated kingfishers.

The tree and shrub species at Eco Grandeur were specifically selected as food plants to further encourage the local bird and butterfly species to visit and remain in the township.

The Green Wall at Eco Grandeur also gives residents and visitors the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the township’s native flora and fauna.The Green Wall at Eco Grandeur also gives residents and visitors the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the township’s native flora and fauna.

In addition to this, EcoWorld has also incorporated wildlife movement corridors to minimise the effects of new developments on the flora and fauna, and also to provide a safe pathway for wildlife to move within the development.

Meanwhile, the waterways and water bodies in Eco Grandeur were reconfigured not only to restore the natural landscapes of the area, but also to act as water retention ponds designed with additional capacity to accommodate surface runoff during rainfall to mitigate flooding.

To give their residents a better understanding of the wildlife sharing the site, Eco Grandeur also has a 2km educational trail which highlights various points of interest such as the Blue Ribbon, a biodiverse waterway that’s connected to the Sacrificial Garden, Rasbora Sanctuary, Fruit Forest and Betta Sanctuary.

By preserving and enhancing the natural habitats within its grounds, Eco Grandeur fosters a thriving ecosystem that harmoniously coexists with its residents.

Pioneering carbon sequestration

At the core of Eco Grandeur’s sustainable success lies its pioneering efforts in carbon capture.

The developer took the audacious step of commissioning comprehensive carbon capture studies, striving to understand and mitigate its carbon footprint.

The initial pilot study was first conducted at Eco Ardence in 2021 where EcoWorld worked with a carbon researcher and laboratory to sample different types of grass, trees and shrubs commonly used in landscaping across EcoWorld townships across the country. Last year, EcoWorld extended the study to Eco Grandeur.

In their Sustainability Report 2022, they noted that preliminary results from the carbon assessment for Eco Ardence had indicated that about 1,008 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) was absorbed by their urban landscaping efforts up to 2021 across the development, since the planting of its greenery in 2017. While the Eco Grandeur study showed that 1km of streetscape can capture 74.5 tCO2, totalling 1,551 tCO2 across the development.

This initial assessment was the first step for EcoWorld using science and data-driven measures to understand the carbon-sink potential within their existing and future developments.

Using their findings, the developer paved the way for innovative carbon sequestration solutions, allowing its projects to not only neutralise its emissions but to actively contribute to carbon reduction.

Through the strategic plantation of native trees and vegetation, the township uses a natural process of absorbing atmospheric CO2 – a feat that resonates both ecologically and ethically.

Built to be green

Eco Grandeur’s commitment to sustainability is not only confined to its natural surroundings – it extends to the very fabric of its built environment.

The township’s transformation into an eco-friendly haven involves substantial investment in infrastructure.

For instance, after identifying drainage and road issues in 2017, Eco Grandeur proactively included these issues in the master plan for the benefit of the broader community. Meanwhile, energy-efficient building materials, advanced insulation systems and smart technology integration collectively reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Additionally, innovative waste management and recycling facilities help minimise environmental impact while enhancing the quality-of-life of its residents.

Eco Grandeur ingeniously marries luxury and sustainability through its incorporation of green product features.

From energy-efficient appliances to low-impact furnishings, each element was meticulously chosen to minimise resource consumption without compromising on comfort.

The township serves as a living testament to the notion that modern elegance can coexist harmoniously with responsible consumption.

Raising the bar

Eco Grandeur’s remarkable journey from concept to ESG award-winning reality sends a resounding message to the world: sustainability and comfort are not mutually exclusive.

By spearheading carbon capture studies and embracing carbon sequestration, Eco Grandeur showcases the potential for neutralising and even reversing the detrimental effects of human activity.

Its biodiversity masterplan underscores the significance of creating environments that respect and enhance local ecosystems, serving as an inspiration for other developments to follow suit.

Plus, the property’s dedication to preserving flora and fauna demonstrates that responsible living is an essential component of harmonious coexistence.

Eco Grandeur’s investment in green infrastructure and product features marks a crucial step towards a more sustainable future.

By setting a precedent for energy-efficient methodologies and responsible consumption, the township lays the foundation for a greener tomorrow.

Looking forward, Eco Grandeur’s ESG award-winning success is more than just a celebration of a single property – it’s a clarion call for a global shift towards responsible development, raising the bar for developers in Malaysia.

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