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  • Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020

Investing in quality sleep can be one of the best decisions that repas bountiful life-changing benefits.

WHILE we often relate sleepless nights with stress or caffeine overload, the problem could well lie with the mattress we’re sleeping on.

The importance of proper sleep cannot be denied. It has been associated with numerous health benefits including healthy weight maintenance, improved concentration and productivity, maximised athletic performance, improved immune function and social interaction - at the same time, reducing the risk of inflammation, depression, heart disease, stroke and even premature aging.

That said, however, it’s an unfortunate fact that many Malaysians suffer from sleep disorders, be it difficulty falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night or waking up tired and suffering from symptoms related with lack of sleep, such as headaches, shoulder or neck pain, mood swings and trouble concentrating.

According to a 2015 study, Malaysians only get an average 6.4 hours of sleep daily, despite 8 hours being the recommended period for overall health and wellbeing.

As such, the theme of this year’s World Sleep Day - Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet - is a timely wake-up call for Malaysians to prioritise good sleeping habits.

Pick the right one

Choosing the right mattress doesn’t have to cost a fortune.Choosing the right mattress doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

The causes of poor sleep are numerous - stress, irregular sleep times, a poor diet, body static or lifestyles. But the solution could be as simple as changing our mattress.

A recent study suggests that 63% of Malaysians aged between 25 and 49 take over 30 minutes to sleep, with a growing concern being the increasing trend of prolonged electronic device usage before bedtime.

Experts say that this has become a common cause for sleep problems, since the use of these devices and the accompanying exposure to blue light are among the most common causes of sleep deprivation and insomnia. It can also lead to increased body static.

Therefore, choosing a mattress with anti-static fabric can help reduce body static that can lead to problems such as tension and discomfort, which can cause insomnia. Such mattresses absorb body static, releasing it into the air.

We’ve all had nights where we just can’t seem to get comfortable. As a result, we toss and turn, Moreover, those who share a bed with another person can understand how this restless tossing and turning in bed can really affect not only our sleep, but also our partner’s as well.

To address this concern, modern mattresses have multiple-zone spring systems. A mattress with a five-zone pocket spring system such as the Coway Prime series mattress, for instance, could provide great support and ensure minimal disturbance to our sleep - and that of the person sleeping next to us.

The additional care and comfort provided by the composition of memory foam, 100% natural latex, coconut fibre and foam enables the mattress to adapt to natural body curves to facilitate undisturbed sleep. It also provides adequate support for leg, hip, lumbar, shoulder and head.

Enjoy quality sleep

The Coway Prime Series mattress can provide great support and ensure minimal disturbance to our sleep.The Coway Prime Series mattress can provide great support and ensure minimal disturbance to our sleep.

Good bedding is not a luxury; it is essential. The World Sleep Society recommends that comfortable and inviting bedding is required for better quality sleep and health. Experts suggest that a mattress needs to be changed once every seven years.

Another tell-tale sign that the mattress can improve the quality of our lives as a whole. Though we spend a third of our lives sleeping, we pay very little attention to the quality of our mattress. However, Coway has set out to change that.

The Coway Prime Series mattress presents a new experience in sleep, meaning that it is now possible to enjoy the comfort and durability of a five-star hotel mattress right in the comfort of our own bedroom. Many of its users have also attested to getting much more restful nights.

Contrary to conventional belief, getting a five-star hotel quality mattress does not have to cost a fortune. With Coway, it is the first in the country to offer mattress rental for as low as RM139 monthly, meaning that Malaysians can enjoy the Coway Prime Series mattress for below RM5 a night.

As for bedroom hygiene, the Coway Prime Series mattress utilises a unique allergen free natural latex material innovation, with Coway Malaysia offering pioneering market innovations including a changeable topper.

Meanwhile, Coway’s proprietary first-of-its-kind seven-step mattress care service includes:

> Dust level measuring: Initial measuring of the mattress contamination level with filter paper and digital microscope.

> Frame cleaning: Dust is vacuumed from the bed frame with an exclusive brush.

> Frame wiping: The bed frame is wiped down with wet or dry non-woven tissues.

> Side edge cleaning: Dust is vacuumed from the sides of the mattress using a side-edged brush.

> Mattress cleaning: Dust and contaminants are cleared with a vacuum of strong suction power, equipped with high-efficiency particulate air filters.

> Dust mite repellent: Dust mite repellent is applied to reduce the growth of dust mites.

> UV sterilisation: UV sterilisation is applied to further inhibit the growth of bacteria and sanitise the mattress.

In line with Coway’s brand and value proposition, Change Your Life and Life-Changing Sleep, it wants to present Malaysians with the opportunity to make the life-changing decision towards experiencing much-deserved beauty sleep with its Coway Prime Series mattress.

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