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Communication is a cornerstone in building up civilisations and extending our reach into the global economy. So it comes as no surprise that when it comes to keeping things consistent, communication is key – especially if you are trying to keep your team aligned towards a common purpose.

For modern businesses to run efficiently and smoothly, this means that a secure and full-functioning telecommunications system has become an indispensable tool in everyday processes.

As the proprietor of a company, however small the business, telecommunication helps keep you informed and well within easy reach of both your customer base and your employees. These communication lines also help your sales and marketing executives attend to customer needs, which still make up an important element in customer service strategies.

Crucial communications

At the very basic level, as a lone business owner, you would probably only need a telephone line that connects you with your customers and suppliers. The next step up would be to have some form of online presence, through email or various social media platforms.

Most single business owners would simply use their own existing phone or internet lines, as this saves the cost of owning two separate lines. But once your business expands and you add a few more partners or employees, it makes more sense to install a separate line for smoother business transactions.

Once the business is running well and gaining more customers or suppliers, investing in additional communication tools should be among your top considerations to facilitate growth and expansion.

Some of these options include connecting to the Internet at a higher bandwidth for smoother video conferencing, effectively reducing your travel costs, as well as the ability to handle electronic payments to cater to the changing needs of your customers and a stable link to your business tools wherever you may be.

For larger corporations, the ability to have an intranet network is crucial to link employees together to boost efficiency in work processes. Such a network provides them access to large amounts of valuable data, as well as the ability to instantly message colleagues to quickly clarify queries or seek fast confirmation on pressing matters.

If you have a department that handles human resources, a good way to disseminate information in an attractive manner could involve a blog that can effectively function as an electronic company newsletter.

Companies are required to be more mobile and agile than ever to remain competitive, which is why telecommunications giants such as Celcom have focused their attentions on becoming enablers for business growth.

The Celcom advantage

The Celcom Business Suite Retail is one good example that gives you, as a user, a curated service to streamline your business functions and daily operations. The service aims to increase your efficiency, all the while driving down operational costs.

This business plan includes Celcom’s Business AllShare package, which lets you share data across up to 50 lines with 1,700GB capacity.

In addition, it provides access to unlimited calls and SMS messages to all networks, complimentary lines – depending on the specifics of your purchased package - and data sharing allocation via the Celcom Business Portal. It also provides you an intersharing data feature across lines with Business AllShare plan.

The suite also includes selected Celcom Business Solutions, such as the Business Wireless a high speed Internet with up to 1,000GB data and a 64-device connectivity for a seamless, fuss-free experience.

With the wireless connection, you can reliably link up to massive amounts of data via a 4G or LTE mobile network and work virtually anywhere, even when you are travelling without a wired Internet connection in sight.

Moreover, it gives you direct access to your computer, television, smartphones or other smart devices through seamless WiFi access anywhere within your area.

For larger companies that receive and manage calls through a main number, the Celcom VirtuExt offers the functionality of a traditional PBX system; with extension calls, call transfers, IVR recording, call queuing and more.

How Celcom VirtuExt works to link you to different parties.How Celcom VirtuExt works to link you to different parties.

This service differs from traditional PABX services in that it saves you from spending on expensive overheads including hardware and the additional maintenance contract. Instead, you will have a flexible, easy-to-maintain service that is clear-cut and suitable for all business types, from SOHO setups to mega corporations.

You can also opt for access to an all-in-one platform to answer all your communication needs with Celcom’s OMNI Communication. The platform, which connects your SMS, chat apps, social media, voice and video connection, facilitates a smoother flow of ideas and discussions.

As a messaging solution, the OMNI channel enables users to communicate with customers and suppliers through a multitude of messaging channels. A major advantage is that you will be able to send and receive custom textual messages and rich content through SMS, voice, Viber, email, Facebook and push notifications.

For businesses that accept payments online, the Celcom SafePaymPOS is the mobile point-of-sale (POS) that offers your business an affordable, yet secure, way to manage electronic card payments using smartphones and tablets.

The module pairs with a mobile device using Bluetooth and a dedicated app installed on the smartphone to perform card transactions. It settles payments fast through credit and debit cards or even PayWave, charges low transaction fees and is pre-bundled with advertising. You will also be able to access real time transaction reports when you use the accompanying app and merchant web portal.

Celcom’s SafePaymPOS is the mobile point-of-sale (POS) that offers your business an affordable, yet secure, way to manage electronic card payments.Celcom’s SafePaymPOS is the mobile point-of-sale (POS) that offers your business an affordable, yet secure, way to manage electronic card payments.

The Celcom Business Suite Retail comes in three different tiers, starting at Gold, which comes with 180GB data capacity with five complimentary lines, three VirtuExt extensions and 100 free on-net SMS messages at RM655 per month.

The Gold Plus offers 850GB capacity with 25 complimentary lines, 10 VirtuExt extensions and 200 free on-net SMS messages for RM2,535 per month.

Lastly, the Platinum package has 1,700GB capacity with 50 complimentary lines, 20 VirtuExt extensions and a free 300 on-net SMS messages with its OMNI Communications for RM4,835 per month.

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