Selangor maintains youth age limit at 40

KLANG: Selangor is retaining the age limit for youth at 40 in tandem with its various policies and programmes.

State executive councillor in charge of youth development Mohd Khairuddin Othman said many state policies for youth encompassed those between 30 and 40.

“Take for instance our housing programme for youth, the target group is those who are above 30 as this is the group that qualifies for loans to buy homes,’’ he said.

Another youth programme that covered mostly those over 30 is the Youth Marriage Incentive programme.

“So we have to maintain the cut-off age for youth at 40 and cannot bring it down to 30,’’ he said.

Khairuddin, however, said the state would adhere to the age limit of 30 in all matters under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.

This includes youth recreational organisations (registered under the Registrar of Societies) and such.

“Everything under the jurisdiction of the state government, the age limit for youth is 40,” he said.