More youth expected to lead societies

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  • Tuesday, 02 Jul 2019


MORE young bloods are expected to lead youth societies once the maximum age of head and office-bearers of a youth society is lowered to 30.

The Youth Societies and Youth Development (Amendment) Bill 2019, tabled yesterday for first reading, seeks to amend the definitions of office-bearers to provide for the minimum and maximum age of such persons in a registered youth society.

The Bill seeks to amend Section 12 of Youth Societies and Youth Development 2007 (Act 668) to provide for the minimum and maximum age of the head of a youth society.

“Under the proposed amendment, the minimum and maximum age of any member appointed or elected as an office-bearer shall not be less than 18 years old and not more than 30 on the date of his appointment,” read the Bill.

The Bill, tabled by the Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, also seeks to amend the definition of “youth” and “youth society” to lower the maximum age of youth and members of such societies from the current 40 years

old to 30.

This is in accordance with the Malaysian Youth Policy (MYP), which was formulated based on four concepts, to overcome challenges faced by youth by strengthening and highlighting their potential.One of the concepts of MYP is to ensure that the age limit of youth is in line with international standards.

“The rationale for lowering the maximum age of youth is to ensure the sustainability of future leaders of the nation, reduce the generation gap among youth, accelerate the process of youth maturity and reduce the risk behaviours in the youth group.

“The proposed amendment also seeks to shorten the period to hold office as the head of youth society from six years to four years continuously,” it added.


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