Miera admits dating a well-known person

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  • Monday, 17 Jun 2019


ACTRESS Miera Leyana (pic) has admitted to dating a “well-known person”, Mingguan Malaysia reported.

“Why do I have to hide it if it is the truth? It is not an offence if everyone knows that I have someone in my heart. We are no longer kids,” said the 26-year-old.

“If I deny, then you would say I am lying. So it is better if I just admit that I am seeing someone.”

She said women had much to think about in choosing a prospective husband.

Relationships, said Miera, must have a clear goal.

“Both parties have to shoulder the responsibility to make the relationship work.

“There should be more tolerance because that is what makes a successful relationship,” she said.


> The carefree days of three-year-old Nurhana Umairah Abdul Rahim of Baling, Kedah, seemed over ever since she was inflicted with a disease that caused her whole body to itch, Harian Metro reported.

Her mother Zainab Othman said the itch began last year and it was just confined to her torso then.

But since a month ago, Zainab said the disease had spread to her daughter’s legs and eventually to her entire body including her head.

“The worse part was when both her legs were covered in scabs and were swollen due to the pus, which made her unable to walk.

“She cries all the time because of the pain and the itch. Her skin also peels off whenever she scratches it,” she said.

Zainab said that she and her husband had taken their daughter to seek traditional and modern medical treatment but that there was no cure in sight.

For now, she could only provide her girl with the cream and medication given by doctors to control the pain and itch.

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