Five teens, one adult nabbed for alleged involvement in Tawau street brawl

KOTA KINABALU: Five teenagers and an adult have been nabbed for allegedly being involved in a street brawl in Tawau Saturday (June 15) evening.  

The teens are aged between 15 and 18 while the adult is 26. All except one are undocumented.  

Tawau police chief ACP Peter Umbuas said five of them were nabbed at about 1.45am Sunday (June 16) while another was arrested a day earlier at 6.38pm.  

“We are searching for three more suspects aged between 16 and 18 to facilitate investigations,” he said.  

He said a 17-year-old male who was beaten with a wooden plank during the brawl had lodged a report following the incident.  

ACP Umbuas said prior to the 4pm incident, the victim, who was drunk, had broken one of the suspect’s silver necklace in a toilet near a bus station.  

The suspect then told his brother about it and the latter had gone to meet the victim to get some answers but was punched instead.  

“A fistfight ensued and some of the brothers’ friends later tried to calm the situation but it got worse and turned into a group fight,” he said.  

ACP Umbuas said the teenager managed to run towards a nearby market for help but when he returned to where his attackers were, they had all fled.  

The victim sustained minor injuries and received outpatient treatment at the Tawau Hospital.  

All the male suspects tested negative for drugs.  

The incident was recorded and circulated via various social media platforms including WhatsApp and Facebook.  

A person who was recording the video could be heard giggling and laughing the whole time.



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