Nik Nazmi raises concerns over Latheefa's MACC appointment

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  • Thursday, 06 Jun 2019

PETALING JAYA: PKR MP Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad has raised concerns over Latheefa Koya’s Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) appointment as chief commissioner, as he questions the government’s commitment to the cause of reform. 
In a Facebook post on Thursday (June 6) by Nik Nazmi, who is also PKR chief organising secretary, said that the “manner of her appointment is cause for concern as it gives rise to questions over the government’s commitment to the cause of reform.”
“We were elected on a platform of bold institutional and economic reform. Our seeming lack of progress on both these fronts is highly worrying.” 
He said that concerns of impartiality as head of MACC cannot be dismissed, and that the manner of her appointment goes against the promises Pakatan Harapan made in its manifesto.
“Concerns over her impartiality as head of the MACC - which is an increasingly and especially important public institution in the national reform process - cannot be dismissed.” 
“More importantly, however, the manner of her appointment, which, again going by media reports, was decided upon by the Prime Minister alone, goes against the promises Pakatan Harapan made in its last General Election manifesto.” 
The Setiawangsa MP also pointed out that the 14th promise of the Buku Harapan clearly states that under the government, the MACC will report directly to parliament, rather than to the prime minister. 
More than that, the appointment of commissioners must be validated democratically by parliament. 
“MACC will report directly to Parliament, rather than to the Prime Minister.” 
“To ensure effective check and balance, the number of MACC Commissioners will be increased and there will be a quota for civil society.” 
“However, the appointment ought to have been referred to the Major Public Appointments Committee anyway, to show, if nothing else, that the Pakatan Harapan Federal Government intends to keep its promises.”
The PKR chief organising secretary emphasises that the government must acknowledge this to retain the support of Malaysians, and that voters cannot be blamed for being sceptical if such promises are not delivered. 
“The Pakatan Harapan federal government must take cognisance of this if it wishes to retain the support of the Malaysian people moving forward, and most importantly, to avoid the mistakes of the past.”
“We cannot blame voters for being cynical or sceptical about our attempts to govern if we cannot deliver on such simple promises.”
He also stressed that although Latheefa’s appointment does not concern her qualifications or political preferences, the public has the right to expect that she will perform her duties. 
“This has nothing to do with the new Chair’s qualifications or her political preferences when she was a member of the party.”
“One is sure, and the public has the right to expect, that she will perform her duties without fear or favour.” 
The Setiawangsa MP added that Latheefa, who was PKR member, resigned from the party after her appointment. 
On Wednesday (June 5), prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said it was his personal decision to appoint Latheefa Koya as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner.
Dr Mahathir confirmed he did not discuss the appointment with his Cabinet.


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