Najib bewildered over Kit Siang's debate allegations

PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Razak is bewildered that Lim Kit Siang is blaming him for cancelling the proposed debate between them.

The former premier said the DAP stalwart was the one who backed out, but blamed him for "chickening out".

"He was the one who proposed the topic of the debate.

"He was also the one who asked whether I was willing to debate on the topic.

"He (Lim) then agreed to debate on the subject. However, two days after agreeing to debate, he withdrew on the basis (that) Malay vs Chinese is racist," Najib said in a Facebook post Thursday (May 30).

Najib also lamented the fact that Lim even wrote a lengthy post detailing why he backed out from the debate.

"After all of that, now he is saying that I was the one who was not brave enough to debate him.

"He even accused me of backing out. Does he has a problem?" Najib asked.

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