Animal welfare groups hold demo in Ipoh

IPOH: Ipoh City Council has drawn more flak from animal welfare groups and concerned folk over the shooting of a stray dog last week. Many were aghast at the incident as the canine was left to suffer before being killed.

In questioning the enforcement officer’s action, Noah’s Ark Ipoh president Peggy Vong said there should be better ways to handle stray dogs in the city.

“He waited for more than one minute before shooting the poor dog again. Why did he do that?

“If they believed the dog must be killed, why did he wait for the dog to suffer before shooting the animal again?” she said after attending a peaceful demonstration held by various animal welfare groups to condemn the act, at Market Lane here yesterday.

A video of the incident that took place at Pengkalan Gate here last Wednesday went viral, attracting criticism from concerned folk and animal rights groups.

Ipoh City Council later released a statement, noting that the method used was according to standard operating procedure under the Dog Licensing Bylaw.

The demonstration was attended by some 50 volunteers from Noah’s Ark, The Stray Diary (Ipoh), Ipoh Mutts and Mittens, and the Humane Society Ipoh, holding up banners and flowers, while chanting against the act.

Making their voices heard: Demonstrators protesting at Market Lane in Ipoh.
Making their voices heard: Demonstrators protesting at Market Lane in Ipoh.  

For animal lover Selvaraj Munusamany, 61, the incident should not have happened and the council must come up with a better solution instead of shooting strays.

“Instead of killing them mercilessly, they should trap and neuter the dogs instead.

“The money used to buy bullets could have been spent on neutering,” he said, adding that it was unnecessary to shoot the animal.

“What angered us most was how the dog was killed,” he added.

Jessica Isabella Nurilahi Gallyot, 21, said the city council should consider having a shelter for stray animals.

“I’m sure it will cost them but they can neuter the dogs at the shelter, reducing the population of strays in the city,” she said.

Also present was Perak MCA Public Service and Complaints Bureau chief Low Guo Nan, who questioned whether the city council would use the same method to handle stray dogs again.

“They have previously agreed to use the Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage method to address the problem of stray dogs in the city.

“What’s happened to that understanding? Not only did the incident cause concern among animal welfare groups, it also created an uproar among the public.

“The council really needs to come up with better solutions,” he said.

Noah’s Ark former president Malika Ramiah said she had sent several letters to the council to discuss how to handle stray animals but received no reply.

“I have been trying to reach out to them for many years but they don’t seem to be interested and now we have this incident.

“I urge the council to work with us so we can discuss and find better solutions than simply killing stray animals,” she said.

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