MBR: Awards should be quantifiable and measurable

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  • Saturday, 18 May 2019

PETALING JAYA: Those approached by organisations on the pretext of awarding them for their hard work and achievements should first determine if the said award is based on quantifiable and measurable elements.

Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) chief operating officer Christopher Wong said any awards given out should have the elements, which enable it to be audited.

“If it’s measurable then it is easy to be audited, if not then it is very subjective.

“The way we do things is that everything has to be quantifiable and measurable

before we award people,” Wong said when contacted yesterday.

MBR, a non-profit organisation set up in 1995, is the national record keeper for Malaysia that is recognised by the federal government.

The records are used to promote and inspire people to achieve human excellence as well as recognise individuals who have achieved or broken certain records in the country.

Wong said people should be wary of profit-making entities or organisations giving out awards in return for payments.

“The bottom line has always been how much you can pay me before I give you that recognition,” said Wong.

Wong said that many organisations or individuals want to stand out but they should have a self-reflection to see if their achievements deserve the recognition.

“When awards are given out in return for favour, such as buying tables in order to accept the awards, and when a lot of money is involved, one needs to question if the award is genuine,” he said.

Wong said some organisations require administration fee but it should not be an exorbitant amount.

The MBR, he said, has a one-off administration fee of RM3,500 to maintain the records.

In an exclusive report on Thursday, The Star had highlighted concerns over the legitimacy of the Asia-Pacific Tourism and Travel Federation (APTTF) Awards after the supposed award winners reported that the ceremony went awry with VIPs not turning up, and that several of them went home empty-handed.

It was reported that RM575 entry fee was charged for individual entry to attend the awards ceremony on April 11.

The participants said they were convinced of the legitimacy of the event as Tourism Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines were said to have endorsed it, but both organisations later denied being affiliated to APTTF.

APTTF chief executive officer Adeva Sangkuni defended the credibility of its awards and denied that it had requested winners to pay for prizes awarded to them.

He claimed that there was no profit-making from the entry fee collected, and it was used to cover the event costs at the venue.

He also claimed that winners were picked based on public voting online.


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