Perak MB: 'Dedak' politics still exists, but in another form

IPOH: Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu has reminded Pakatan Harapan members not to allow dedak politics to become its downfall.

Ahmad Faizal said Pakatan should remember how they were betrayed by former acquaintances before the 14th General Election, and should never allow this to happen again.

'Dedak' in Bahasa Malaysia means animal feed. In the context of Malaysian politics, this refers to the culture of receiving handouts for political favours.

"In our struggle, we have been betrayed by some old acquaintances who left our fight because of dedak.

"They held press conferences to exit the party and also talk bad about us until the polls," he said during his speech to celebrate one year of Malaysia Baharu at his former official residence here on Wednesday (May 15).

"Then, dedak was in the form of money, but now it still haunts us in the form of greed for power and position.

"As we are now busy rebuilding the country and state – we hope there will not be those who become 'termites', destroying our ship from within until we sink due to internal power struggles," he added.

Ahmad Faizal said political stability was essential, in order to fulfil the dreams of the people.

"Let us not be swayed by the power in our hands and take it as a chance to grab the 'spoils of war'.

"We should learn from the wrongdoings of leaders from the previous administration," he said, adding that civilisations have fallen before due to internal strife – not because of an enemy's strength.


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