PD beaches not affected by illegal pig farming, says Negri MB

SEREMBAN: Port Dickson's beautiful beaches have not been affected by illegal pig farming activities in Site A near Negri Sembilan's border with Selangor, says Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Aminudin Harun.

He said only a section of Sg Sepang was found to be polluted from pig-slaughtering activities, and it was located a distance away from the resort town's beaches.

"Our beaches are clean and there is no such pollution here.

"It is our hope that tourists would not be worried about our beaches being contaminated," he told reporters.

Port Dickson is the state's top tourism destination and generates the bulk of revenue from the sector.

Aminuddin said the affected area was near Sepang (in Selangor) where fishermen had reported a drop in catch due to the illegal pig farming activities there.

"Our fishermen have not been affected. PD is not affected in any way," he said.

On Tuesday (May 14), state agriculture and ago-based industries committee chairman Bakri Sawir said the authorities had uncovered illegal pig farming activities being carried out in parts of Port Dickson.

He said several farms were still operating although the practice had been banned. The activities, he said, have been carried out for some time.

According to Aminuddin, the state government had no plans to lift the two-decade ban on pig farming in the area.

"We will call those involved in the activity and see how best we can resolve it.

"In the meantime, we will also ensure no other areas are contaminated," he said.

The ban was declared in 1998 after 108 people died following the outbreak of the Nipah virus in the area which was reputed to be the country's largest pig farming district.

At present, the state government only allowed pig farming activities to be carried out in Air Kuning near here. Strict conditions have been imposed such as restricting the number of pigs to only 1,000 pigs in the area at any one time.