Illegal pig farming activities uncovered in PD

SEREMBAN: Authorities have uncovered illegal pig farming activities being carried out in parts of Port Dickson.

State Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Committee chairman Bakri Sawir said there were several farms in operation.

"We discovered that the illegal farming has been carried out for some time now.

"I will call all the parties concerned and we will find a solution to this. The important thing is that we need to be fair to all involved," he said when contacted on Tuesday (May 15).

However, Bakri said the state government was adamant not to revive plans for a pig farming area (PFA) in Port Dickson near the Negri Sembilan-Selangor border.

The federal government wanted to set up the PFA on a 480ha plot of land following the Nipah virus outbreak in Bukit Pelanduk in Port Dickson, which caused 108 deaths in 1998.

However the plan was cancelled a few years later.

Bakri said a committee had been formed to resolve the illegal pig farming activities in Port Dickson.

He said the committee would also study the DoE report on river pollution in the affected area.

Bakri said at present, the state government only allowed pig farming activities in Air Kuning near here.

"Even there, we only allow 1,000 pigs to be kept in pens at any one time," he added.

It was reported that the Veterinary Services Department was investigating if illegal pig and frog farming activities were the cause of pollution in a river at the Site C New Village in Port Dickson.

He said the probe began on March 31 following complaints from residents.

The team also found what is believed to be animal fats and other oily waste, which were probably from pig slaughtering and frog farming activities.

Fishermen and boat operators along the Negri Sembilan-Selangor border had also complained of dwindling catch, allegedly caused by the river pollution.