Navy vessel KD Pahang detains Vietnamese fishing trawler for intrusion near Kemaman

KUANTAN: There is no rest for the Royal Malaysian Navy during the fasting month of Ramadan, as its vessel, KD Pahang, patrol the waters for trespassing fishing trawlers.

Recently, the KD Pahang, which had completed an exercise with the Navy armada, was patrolling off the east coast on Saturday (May 11) morning, when it detected a foreign fishing boat in Malaysian waters.

Realising the vessel's presence, the fishing boat tried to flee towards the exclusive economic zone border, before it was stopped by KD Pahang about 130 nautical miles northeast of Kemaman.

The vessel's commanding officer, Kdr Mehamad Khairun Zakaria, said the boat was found to be from Vietnam and had intruded into the country's waters to fish without permission.

Also detained were 14 Vietnamese fishermen, aged between 20 and 40, who did not have any identification documents.

Naval Region 1 strategic communications division said in a statement that the boat and fishermen had been handed over to the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency for further action.

"To ensure that these robbers do not act arbitrarily by invading and exploiting our sea products illegally, the Navy will patrol continuously every day, all through the year," said the statement.


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