Expert: Landowner must be responsible for the surroundings

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  • Monday, 13 May 2019

GEORGE TOWN: A birdhouse on a hillslope would not be too far-fetched as it could be built anywhere as long as the landowner takes responsibility for the surroundings, says an expert in the swiftlet business.

“A birdhouse can be set up on a hillslope, as it is the right environment with the greenery, but the owner would have to outline how he plans to set up the structure in his application to the local council,’’ said the expert, who wished to remain anonymous.

The expert said the responsibility includes keeping an eye on the possibility of soil erosion occurring and carrying out preventive and mitigating measures.

She said while there was not enough information on the developer who was setting up the birdhouse, it was irresponsible of the person to clear the land and leave it bare.

“I cannot comment on the issue although there are photos as I need to be at the place to have a full picture of the hill.

“I also need to know if the council had asked for the complete details and diagrams on how the birdhouse will be,” said the expert, who has since retired from the swiftlet business.

She said the cost of setting up a birdhouse would also vary depending on the location it is in.

“If he is setting it up on the hill, there are other measures involved such as strengthening the slopes to prevent erosion and access road to the hill.

“All these would add to the cost compared to building it on flat land, and if the developer had abandoned it for three years, he is probably having second thoughts about building the birdhouse,” she added.

It is learnt that many swiftlet business owners are not members of the Association of Swiftlet Nest Industry and did not conform to the rules and regulations set by the association.

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