Malaysian YouTuber Jinnyboy shares importance of spreading kindness

Jin Lim, better known as Jinnyboy, is now one of Malaysia’s most successful YouTubers. But once upon a time, he was just a schoolboy having a tough time with bullies.

The experience made him determined to do his part to end bullying, which is why he has returned as a #StandTogether Kindness Ambassador, supporting the National Kindness Week campaign for a second year running.

The campaign was initiated by R.AGE and property developer SP Setia to empower students and schools to create a new culture of kindness across Malaysia, especially with school violence and cyberbullying on the rise.

WATCH: #StandTogether Kindness Ambassador Jinnyboy visits SK Jalan Empat for National Kindness Week

Not only is he using his influence to spread kindness, he also went on-ground to visit SK Jalan Empat as part of the #StandTogether National Kindness Week campaign, where he managed to learn more about the school’s kindness project, which included a “Kindness Chain” and “Kindness Checklists”.

“It was great seeing what the school had initiated,” he said. “It made the students feel good and proud of themselves!”

Here, Lim talks about how his childhood experiences, the importance of content creators spreading kindness, and his message to Malaysians working to create a kinder Malaysia.

What made you want to come back as a #StandTogether ambassador?

I’ve always been a supporter of R.AGE, back when it started out as a segment and was covering teenage happenings. And now, it has grown into a platform as to what it is today. With #StandTogether, R.AGE has now given us a platform to address these problems of bullying and #StandTogether has been a very good initiative to face up to the problem of bullying, which is really serious, and can even result in death.

I was a bully victim in school and I wanted to find a way to help others in a position where they don’t know who to turn to. There’s still a lot I can do to support this, and that’s why I’m still here!

Has the campaign made you more conscious about the messaging in the content you create?

I have always been careful with what I put and say in my work, and the campaign has made me even more conscious of that.

I work in an industry where we always watch our words and what we say because saying one thing wrong can really impact someone in my position. When that happens, you will be powerless against the repercussions.

So for me, I always watch what I say and ensure any content I put out is friendly.

Do you think public figures are setting a good example via their platforms?

Some public figures are setting a good example but many can do better. It’s not just about the followers and the money.

The minute you realise you have some influence, the need to spread positivity and kindness should be at the back of your mind, and you should want to make a change. It's a team effort and everybody - especially those with influence - has to work together.

WATCH: How the #StandTogether Kindness Revolution is creating a kinder Malaysia

What can public figures do to ensure a kinder, safer cyberspace?

Defend your fans. If you see someone being outnumbered and bullied online, support them, stand up for them and when someone writes to you seeking help, reply to them. Be there for them.

For example, (YouTube celebrity) Arwind (Kumar) started the iCare line to reach out to his fans and give them a platform to share their problems, to show them someone cares.

Unfortunately, in my field of work, I get a lot of hate comments, and it does hurt. But if we don’t want this to happen to other people, we need to bring more awareness to younger Malaysians through our work and initiatives like #StandTogether.

What is your message to the young Malaysians who participated in National Kindness Week?

To all the students who have participated in the campaign, congratulations to all of you! You guys are taking a huge step in creating and making change. One day, you guys will be the ones running this country.

Always be kind to one another and listen to each other more. Everyone should be given an opportunity to be taught kindness.

The #StandTogether National Kindness Week campaign will culminate in a free Kindness Concert on May 4 at Setia City Convention Centre 2. Join Malaysians from all walks of life as they stand together for a kinder country! Register at

WATCH: Jinnyboy invites YOU to the #StandTogether Kindness Concert this May 4!


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