Sultan Nazrin: Christchurch attack a lesson to avoid acts of racial, religious hatred

IPOH: Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah says the terrorist attack on Muslims in Chirstchurch in New Zealand should be a lesson to Malaysians that acts that instil hatred and sowed the seeds of hostility are dangerous, especially when done in the name of race and religion.

"Acts by any parties to sensationalise racial and religious issues, will spark disputes that could destroy a country built by our forefathers," he said in his opening speech at the first meeting of the second term of the Perak State Legislative sitting at the state secretariat building here on Tuesday (April 16).

"For the stability of the country and harmony between the people, words and actions that can cause disputes should be avoided," he said.

Sultan Nazrin praised New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern's response over last month's terrorist attack on a mosque and Islamic centre in the country.

He said Ardern, 39, showed great maturity for her age, adding that her actions and words, following the incident, elevated New Zealand and gave it newfound respect.

"A true leader will appear in time of crisis.

"And when leaders show examples that prioritises peace, its followers will follow, creating a harmonious and peaceful existence,"

"She is a woman with an open heart, strong-minded and humane, and through her statement, gave confidence to the 1% of Muslims in New Zealand that their safety and rights to religion are protected," he said.

"She should be an example to all leaders," he added.

On March 15, a terrorist attack on the Al-Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre in Christchurch, left 50 dead and 42 injured.

Arden slammed the incident, deeming it an act of terrorism.

Sultan Nazrin said the incident in Christchurch proved that the element of surprise could occur at anytime and anywhere.

He said the incident should be a lesson to Malaysia.

"The incident also proves that there are people with extreme hatred and (who are) cruel, influenced by a deep prejudice from misunderstanding and misperception through indoctrination to instil hatred and hostility.

"It should be a lesson to the people of our country that acts to instil hatred and sowing the seed of hostility are dangerous, more so when it is done in the name of race and religion," he said.

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