Dr M: Govt open to changing tax policy to boost local goods

CYBERJAYA: The government will consider changing its tax policy to help boost the production and manufacture of local goods, says the Prime Minister.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad acknowledged that current policies lean more towards import than export.

"We are not even serving our own country.

"If there is a need to change the government policy (we will do so). This may involve re-planning the taxation, particularly involving industries," he said in response to a question at a dialogue with Malaysian Rail Industry Corporation (MARIC) on Tuesday (April 16).

However, he pointed out that while the government could change policies to encourage the production of local goods, it could not force the people to buy locally made items.

"Malaysians look down upon their own achievements.

"If you prefer local products, over time the quality of the products will improve.

"But if you don't encourage local products and start buying imported goods, then there is no opportunity for Malaysian-made products to achieve the standards required for international markets," he added.

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