Black metal group’s concert on Easter day cancelled

PETALING JAYA: The black metal concert organiser has announced the cancellation of Devouror’s performance in Malaysia scheduled on Easter Sunday.

In a Facebook posting, Goatlordth Records said it was devastated that Devouror’s Kuala Lumpur debut show had to be called off.

“As the organiser, we are frustrated that almost a year of effort has been suppressed to nothing, as we intend no harm ... with the righteous authority.

“The cancellation of this event is not only a huge setback to us as the organiser in financial terms, but it has also caused many fans of extreme music to be denied their interest,” it said late yesterday night.

Earlier, the Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM) questioned the authorities for allowing the black metal group to perform on Easter Sunday.

The concert organiser said that in a democratic country, all parties were free to invest in almost anything.

“For some people, extreme music is the preferred channel.

“As many other people like their horror movies gory, cheesy and bad; heavy metal, or ‘extreme music’, is equally meant to be expressive and provocative,” said the organiser.

The organiser noted that many of the fans of extreme music were also pillars of society, that many of them were competent professionals and best in their field.