Oldest Rantau Umno member says every vote counts

SEREMBAN: Everyone must exercise their one vote because that one vote may decide if the candidate wins or loses, says 93 year-old Alias Sidik, the oldest member of Rantau Umno.

A former Federal Reserve Unit personnel who retired way back in the year of independence, Alias said Rantau had always been an Umno fort.

"I would definitely go to vote tomorrow. It would be such a loss if one does not vote.

"(But) It does not matter what party you are with, there is no need to be enemies with other political party members.

"People of all races and religions must ensure they vote.

"I will vote Tok Mat (Barisan Nasional candidate Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan) because I believe he cares for us, and he is Umno.

"I have known his family since he was a child.  His mother never allowed me to pass by the house without asking me to come in.

"Tok Mat was never a naughty child, and he came back to his own village to give his services even when he was the mentri besar. That is the kind of people we want – those who give back to their own community.

"His mother raised him well," said Alias.

According to him, there had never been any problems between the different races in Rantau.

"When I joined Umno in 1957, it was because the party took care of the Malay and Muslim interests. Now, it is more about politics.

"There are no big issues here affecting the locals and no one creates any trouble.

"There is no need to stir up hate between races and create trouble (to win elections) ," said Alias, who still reads the newspapers every day without spectacles and still has a sturdy walk.

He was taking care of his grandchildren when we met him at his house in Kg Tanjung in Rantau.

"I would advise the young ones who join politics to make sure they get educated but never forget their own roots," said Alias.


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