Manhunt on for four inmates who escaped Manggatal detention centre

KOTA KINABALU: Police have launched a manhunt for four Filipino immigration detainees who overpowered a guard and fled by scaling a three-metre barbed wire perimeter fence at the Manggatal detention centre here.

Kota Kinabalu City police chief Asst Comm Habibi Majinji said on Wednesday (March 20) that a fifth detainee was recaptured by the guards, shortly after the breakout at about 5pm when a guard opened the cell block door to give them food.

“Five of them, including a 15-year-old, rushed against the guard and ran out to the rear of the block before climbing the fence,” he said, adding that one of the detainees was caught after a short chase by other guards were alerted.

Mugshots of three of the four wanted for escape.

He said the investigations were being carried under Section 223 of the Penal Code for escaping from detention, as well as Section 224 for possible negligence on the part of the guards that led to escape of the detainees.

All detainees were illegal immigrants detained under the Immigration Act at the detention centre.

ACP Habibi released photographs and identified the four at large as Sanny Chan, 21, Talam Jafar, 27 and Faisal Hamsali, 36 with Azlan Abu Bakar Sidik, 15, whose picture was not released.

Anyone with any information on their whereabouts have been urged to contact Kota Kinabalu district police Hotline at 088-221191 or 088-529211.


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