Teo Nie Ching: Schools should emphasise national unity

KOTA KINABALU: Deputy Education minister Teo Nie Ching hopes that the management of schools are conducted with sensitivity.

"Schools need to be more mindful of how they manage their day to day operations, as the ministry aims to create an education system based on mutual respect," she said in a statement.

She said this in response to an incident involving a school in Likas near here, where Form 1 students are allegedly placed in classes based on their religion.

Contrary to past practises, all students, regardless of their race and religion, are mixed in a classroom but this time, the school decided to separate students based on religion.

The school explained that this was to make it more convenient for the students to sit for their Moral or Islamic studies, as they do not have to switch classrooms.

"Mutual respect is vital in this multiracial country that calls for unity at all times," Teo said.

She said there is a bigger picture or agenda to think about, which is unity, instead of just about convenience in going for classes.

"I have asked the Sabah Education Department to rectify the matter," she said.

The relevant officials will be heading to the school to rectify the problem.