EC to study most recent redelineation, see if it can be revisited

KUALA LUMPUR: The Election Commission (EC) will study the redelineation exercise that took place during the Barisan Nasional administration in 2018, says chairman Azhar Azizan Harun.

"We are looking whether we can revisit that exercise. If that is not possible, we are going to look at the exercise that was done and approved by Parliament last year," said Azhar.

According to Azhar, the study will analyse the voting trends, as well as the racial and economic impact by the previous redelineation exercise.

"We will also study whether it is fair or not and we will make a proposal as a result of that study," he said.

Azhar, who is also known as Art Harun, was speaking to reporters in Parliament after the launch of the Electoral Reform Roundtable report on Thursday (March 14).

Azhar said the EC would find out if Parliament can decide to cancel the previous redelineation exercise.

"If we want to conduct another redelineation exercise, it's not possible. Because in the Constitution, it is clearly stated that it can only take place once every eight years.

"(But) we want to study whether Parliament can decide to amend the previous (redelineation exercise)," he said.

According to Azhar, a redelineation exercise only needed 50% majority support from parliamentarians.

"It's different if it's undang-undang biasa (normal laws), as it only requires a minimum of 50% plus one for a majority," he added.

The current electoral boundaries were approved in Parliament in March 2018, two months before GE14.

In the delineation exercise, 98 parliamentary seats out of 165 involved were affected while 28 state seats had their names changed.