LRT line chief: Power supply units prematurely failing

PETALING JAYA: Kelana Jaya LRT line chief operating officer Ismail Abdullah says that power supply units (PSU) used are failing prematurely and not reaching its expected life cycle.

He said that the delay on the Kelana Jaya LRT line on Monday (Feb 18) was caused by PSU failure.

Ismail added that the malfunction was premature as the PSUs were failing four years before their expected life cycle of 28 years.

"The vehicle control centre (VCC1) signalling component failure was caused by a blown fuse in the PSU," adding that the PSU was manufactured in 1995.

"The long-term plan is to expedite the replacement of PSUs, which would take around one year. For the time being, we will increase the frequency of maintenance," he said, adding that the existing maintenance cycle is once every four weeks.

He also said there was a capacitor failure in the PSU last July.

Ismail said that the system downtime started at 6.35am and it took two hours and 20 minutes for operations to resume.

"Due to the signalling failure, we were not able to detect the trains. For the safety of commuters, we had to cease operations along the affected line to prevent a collision," he said.

He added that the PSU component failure affected 19 trains along the Kelana Jaya line from the Kelana Jaya station to the KLCC station and said 14 shuttle buses were provided to affected commuters along with 1,446 refund coupons.

On complaints from commuters seeking compensation as they had to fork out for Grab or taxi services because of the disruption, Ismail said that he did not have the authority to decide this, but said he would forward the request to management.