Be more courteous, police outriders urged

PETALING JAYA: Despite being well trained to protect and escort VIPs to their destinations, police outriders could do a better job if they discharge their duty in a more courteous and friendly manner, says National Road Safety Council member Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.

“I have no doubt police outriders are well trained on aspects such as route planning, safety, communication and emergency preparedness.

“But what I think they need is to have more finesse while they are doing their job,” he said.

The Star reported yesterday that motorists were occasionally upset with the manner some of these outriders execute their duties.

Bukit Aman, on its part, made clear they have standard operating procedures in place to ensure outriders do their job properly.

Lee shared that he once nearly hit the car in front of him when the driver came to a complete halt to give way to police outriders.

To further enhance the safety between police outriders and the public, Lee suggested that learner drivers be taught on how to cope in situations where they had to move aside for the VIPs.

“If they are not taught to do so, they would not know how to handle the situation, which will lead to panic and accidents.

“This is something that all driving schools should incorporate and teach drivers what they must do as part of their driving test before they obtain their licence,” he said.

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