Marine Dept: Vessels collided in Malaysian waters

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  • Sunday, 10 Feb 2019

PETALING JAYA: The collision between the Malaysian vessel Polaris and Greek-registered bulk carrier Piraeus earlier Saturday (Feb 9) occurred in the new Johor Baru Port Limit within Malaysian territorial waters.

Marine Department director-general Datuk Baharin Abdul Hamid clarified that the 2.30pm incident did not occur in Singapore waters.

"It's within Johor Baru Port limits. So no question of unauthorised entry into Singapore waters.

"We engage Polaris to monitor the safety of navigation within the area. It's our port," he said in a statement on Saturday (Feb 9).

He said that the Polaris was responsible for monitoring the safety of vessels sailing in waters around the Johor Baru Port.

Baharin said all 23 crewmembers on board the Polaris were safe and did not sustain any injuries.

"No major damage to our vessel, no rupture on the hull which can affect its safety. The incident also did not cause any threat of pollution," he said.

He said an investigation team had already been set up and was investigating both vessels.

"They are already on board both vessels. We will be carrying out a survey of the vessels to establish the actual damage and once assessed, we will take the next course of action," Baharin added.