Dr Wee: Marzuki, why the U-turn from UK to US?

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  • Thursday, 7 Feb 2019

PETALING JAYA: Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Marzuki Yahya seems to have taken a turn from the United Kingdom to the United States with his “Cambridge degree” while Pakatan Harapan leaders hold their elegant silence, said MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong. 

“On Feb 5, Marzuki gave us an assurance that he will show proof that he is a graduate of the Cambridge University of the UK. We are still waiting. 

"Yesterday (Feb 6), we were further surprised when Marzuki's Wikipedia page was altered many times and the initial information on the Cambridge University qualification was deleted. The latest is that he actually has a degree from the Cambridge International University in the US. 

“Why did Marzuki make a U-turn from the UK to the US? Perhaps this is not a mere U-turn but more likely a somersault,” asked Dr Wee. 

Marzuki, who previously said he had a degree from the University of Cambridge in the UK via a distance-learning programme, said on Wednesday (Feb 6) that his degree is actually from Cambridge International University in the US. 

Since that statement, the institution has come under intense scrutiny and increasing suspicion that it is a “diploma mill” that awards degrees with little or no study. 

Cambridge International University says on its website that it is not accredited. 

Dr Wee also lambasted Pakatan leaders such as DAP's Dr Ong Kian Ming and Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik for keeping silent on the matter. 

Dr Wee said that in the past, Dr Ong, who is a UK Cambridge University graduate, used to speak up about Barisan Nasional leaders with allegedly fake degrees. 

“If Marzuki was dishonest and cannot show proof of the certificate from the UK’s University of Cambridge, as an alumni of that university, Dr Ong should expose the scam to ensure justice is done. 

“I am also perplexed about why Marzuki has handed the matter to the police to investigate. Are there any criminal elements involved? 

“If Marzuki did not study at the University of Cambridge in the UK, it is up to the university to make a police report about him using a fake degree in Malaysia,” said Dr  Wee. 

“Dr Ong should guide Marzuki on whether the university is a degree mill or otherwise. If the certificate is found to be fake, Dr Maszlee, who is in charge of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (as Education Minister), should also speak up and not keep silent so as to preserve the academic quality of education in the country,” added Dr Wee.