EC has done all it can, says Azhar over allegations of violations

CAMERON HIGHLANDS: The Election Commission (EC) has already done what it can under the law over some violations that were committed during the parliamentary by-election here.

Asked to comment on allegations of corruption over, for instance, the issue of cash being handed out and the use of government vehicle in campaigning, EC chairman Azhar Azizan Harun said they could not take further action as there were currently nothing within the law that gave him the power to do so.

"I have given information to the police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) gave advice, issued warnings and signed aku janji (pledge) with all parties.

"That's all I can do.

"If the people want me to do more, to arrest or take legal action, they need to get their Members of Parliament to ask for a new law," he told reporters after visiting the polling station at the Cameron Highlands district police station Tuesday (Jan 22).

"If the law gives me power, then I will do it as it's my responsibility," said Azhar, when asked to comment on why the EC was turning a blind eye over some violations that occurred during the by-election.

He added that the only thing they could do was to allow the police or the MACC to investigate reports lodged.

"We need to follow the process, allow investigations to take place, to see whether there is a case and make sure the facts are correct.

"It's not easy to haul people to court. That's just how the Commonwealth system is," he said.

"The people cannot expect me to do things that are not under my jurisdiction. I could be arrested by the police," he added.


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