Kayveas aware of 'red notice' against MyPPP, says will not join Pakatan

CAMERON HIGHLANDS: MyPPP's disputed president Tan Sri M. Kayveas will appeal the decision by the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to de-register the party.

Kayveas confirmed that he is aware of the “red notice” served by RoS to deregister the party following a leadership tussle.

“I am aware about the red notice by RoS, although I have not received the hard copy. I expect to receive it by post over the next few days. 

“Based on the law, we have 30 days to appeal the decision with the Minister of Home Affairs, and we will do it accordingly,” said Kayveas at a press conference here on Monday (Jan 14).

MyPPP became split into two camps after Kayveas had called for the party to leave Barisan Nasional after the coalition chose not to field him as a candidate in Cameron Highlands during the 14th general election.

Another faction led by Datuk Seri Maglin Dennis D'Cruz, however, claimed that the party had sacked Kayveas as a member and that he is no longer the party president.

The faction led by D'Cruz remained loyal with Barisan.

Kayveas, however, said that his so-called removal was not done according to the party constitution.

“Our law is very clear. You can only remove a president through a general assembly or party election. But they made the decision during a meeting at midnight in some hotel in Petaling Jaya. That is not the correct way.

“They also know if a party election was held, they cannot win against me because many of the members still support me,” said Kayveas.

Kayveas, however, denied that he intends to take MyPPP to join Pakatan Harapan.

During the nomination day of the Cameron Highlands by-election, Kayveas announced his withdrawal and instead chose to back Pakatan's candidate M. Manogaran.

“I am not going to join Pakatan. I have no intention to do so.

“On the eve of nomination day, I was informed by the RoS that I will not be allowed to contest using MyPPP's logo.

“That was the first blow for me. No way was I going to contest using the logo of an umbrella, keys, tractor or whatever it is that is available,” he said.


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