Don’t make fun of your promises, Wee tells Pakatan

PETALING JAYA: Criticising Paka­tan Harapan for “making fun of their promises” since capturing Putrajaya, Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong (pic) says the country will not move forward with a government that is only good in “selling hopes”.

The MCA president said he was happy to see Pakatan looking like it was delivering on promises made before the GE14 including recognising the Unified Examination Certi­ficate, abolishing tolls, lowering prices of goods, increasing oil royalty for Sabah and Sarawak, increasing the minimum wage and emphasising agriculture development.

“If each of these is implemented, it would mean a new era for the country.

“However, we find that the promises made before the election are all in vain now and were just made for the sake of promising,” he said in his New Year Eve reflections and message on his Facebook page.

Instead of delivering their promises and managing the country, Dr Wee said Pakatan leaders went back on their words and made U-turns on many policies.

He said they have been busy with party defections, misusing public resources to persecute political enemy and derelict in their duties.

“What happens to the prices of oil palm, foreign policy, bilateral relationship with China and Singapore?

“What is our direction for economic development and the public transport system? Also, what about judicial reform and local council elections?

“Political achievement is not about making promises and selling hopes.

“It comes only with good governance and pragmatic hard work which are essential to move the country forward steadily,” said Dr Wee in a message that was divided into three parts, each dedicated to party members, the Chinese community and the country.

Dr Wee who is also Ayer Hitam MP called on the Chinese community to allow the opposition, like MCA, to provide checks and balances to the government.

He said whenever MCA questioned or criticised government policy, some community members would refute and ask “what has MCA done in the past 60 years?”

“Remarks like this are often made out of emotion or tough love. I hear them all and I understand.

“MCA must have been inadequate in the past otherwise we wouldn’t have lost so badly. However, as we move on into the new scenario, do we wish for the country to continue on its old path or a wide and free road?

“When the government is slacking in administration, do we support check and balance or resort to attacking the opposition aloud?” he said, adding that people should not stop the opposition from playing that role if they wished to see better policies and administration in the government.

For MCA members, Dr Wee thanked them for sticking around and reminded them of a difficult and challenging road ahead, especially in facing DAP – a strong party amongst the Chinese community.

“We must be more courageous and determined in our own direction. We will continue to expand outward through participation in forums and challenging debates.

“We may be wronged or hurt. (But let’s) accumulate each and every of the lesson, assess them and then start off again.

“Let the scars become our medals of growth,” he said.

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