Fake Star Online pages making the rounds

PETALING JAYA: Several websites and Facebook pages have popped up showing or promoting news from The Star Online. These are fake sites and pages.

These articles and links even bear The Star’s trademarked logos and homepage design. The links also prompt you to a different website and to register for a certain product.

However, the font and style of writing do not resemble The Star Online’s website and The Star advises readers to be careful and note the URL.

In one recent scam, a Facebook page featured a fake story purportedly from The Star Online claiming to be selling the iPhone X for only RM5 to Malaysians.

The article claimed that its “reporter” Hanson Chua got a free upgrade from an older iPhone to an iPhone X for only RM5 after recommendations from his friends.

The article added that only Malaysians above the age of 21, who had a valid e-mail address and were willing to pay RM5 for shipping, would receive the new iPhone.

The same webpage also contained other Facebook user testimonies about “how excited” they were “after getting the cheap iPhone X”.

However, upon clicking the claim button or the profiles of those who gave their testimonies, readers would be brought to another dodgy website.

Several readers have come forward to The Star Online after noticing this “too good to be true” claim appearing on their Facebook.

A quick check by The Star Online found that the Facebook page of this imposter website was set up in June and had less than 500 followers.

The website does not have any links to The Star Online.

The Star does not own or endorse these fake websites. It is currently pursuing legal action.

For updates and news, visit The Star Online at its website www.thestar.com.my as well as its official Facebook page www.facebook.com/TheStarOnline

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