Singapore cafes charge RM76 to cut your own cake

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  • Thursday, 13 Dec 2018


CUSTOMERS in Singapore are required to pay a cake-cutting fee of up to S$25 (RM76), if they bring their own cakes to restaurants, Sin Chew Daily reported.

The report stated that Shin Min Daily News conducted a survey on cake-cutting costs in the city.

It found that an Italian restaurant charged a S$15 (RM46) fee, and a Spanish restaurant charged S$25.

A normal Western food restaurant would charge a fee of S$4 (RM12).

According to the survey, seven out of 10 respondents said it was unacceptable for restaurants to charge cake-cutting fees.

The others agreed that restaurants could charge cake-cutting fees but any fee above S$10 (RM30) was expensive.


> Sin Chew Daily also reported that a Chinese leading technology company was looking into pig-farming using Artificial Intelligence technology.

The e-commerce company recently set up a new unit, not to develop drones, but to rear pigs.

The move came after the announcement of two other Internet giants, Alibaba Group and NetEase Inc, that they were entering the pig-farming sector.

The JD Agriculture and Husbandry Academic Research programme said it would provide better solutions with AI and robotics technology.

Analysts said these Internet giants saw huge potential in pig-farming as China was the world’s largest pork supplier, consumer and importer.


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