Despite losing DAP elections, Tony Pua praised by Hannah Yeoh and Yeo Bee Yin

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  • Monday, 10 Dec 2018

PETALING JAYA: Tony Pua failed in the party's state elections because the former Selangor DAP chairman took risks by choosing new candidates in previous general elections, said Hannah Yeoh.

"Tony Pua did not make it to the top 15 (in the Selangor DAP elections) and everyone's asking why.

"I believe this is partly caused by the selection of DAP Selangor candidates in the last general elections.

"Seven out of 15 seats had fresh faces being chosen. That's something Tony has to pay the price for now - the price for taking risk in people," the Segambut MP said in her Facebook post on Sunday (Dec 9).

Yeoh, who was also the former Selangor state assembly speaker said she was also one of those who had benefitted from Pua's selections.

"He did it for me and Teo Nie Ching in 2007. And he did the same for Yeo Bee Yin and Dr Ong Kian Ming in 2013. Today all 4 of us are serving as a Minister and Deputy Ministers," she said.

Yeoh is currently the Deputy Minister of Women, Family And Community Development Affairs.

She also pointed out that the party would not have won in the general election if it was not for Pua's diligence in pursuing 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), the Impian Sarawak and Sabah projects (where the DAP did projects to help rural communities there) and his work on publicity materials for DAP.

Despite Pua's contribution to the party's win during the general election, Yeoh lamented that grassroots politics was not easy.

"(It) requires spending time with members in various branches and multiple locations.

"(But) if you are spending time planning and strategising for national issues and DAP at the national level, something would have to give at the local level. I guess this is it," she said.

Yeoh added that DAP must always be a grassroots party that has its "ears and hands close to the man on the street".

"Today Selangor has sent a strong signal that the future beckons, but never lose sight of what has made DAP - hard work, perseverance, and doing what is right even if it costs you. The fight is worth it for Malaysia.

"Tony Pua, we need you now to help Lim Guan Eng get this nation back on its feet. Gobind and the new Selangor team, you need to keep leading so that Selangor remains the model for the new Malaysia," she said.

Pua, who had wanted to quit as Selangor DAP chairman, failed to make it to the top 15 places in the elections for the state DAP committee on Sunday (Dec 9).

Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo (pic) is the new Selangor DAP chairman.

Yeoh, who is the the outgoing vice chairman of Selangor DAP, added that she has now relocated to DAP Federal Territory as her current parliament seat is in Kuala Lumpur.

Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin said her “heart sank” upon learning that Pua was not elected into the DAP Selangor committee on Sunday.

Although she respected the choice of the party members in Selangor, Yeo wanted to share her views on the Damansara MP “that she knows”.

"He is an introvert, so yes, politics and 'gam cheng' (being pally) with people is really not his nature," she shared in a Facebook post on Dec 9.

"To him, silence is gold and he places more importance in actions and effectiveness of actions. Such nature is often misunderstood by people. And worse still, he doesn't like to explain himself even when he is misunderstood."

She said that Pua is an upright and intelligent man of few words, and she will always remember that he was the one who persuaded her to join politics six years ago.

He brought her around for forums, taught her how “to write Dewan questions and media statement(s), and gave her good advice on her decision in her journey from being an ADUN, to MP, to minister.

She added that, “Although he doesn't express it, he is a compassionate person and emphatises with people at the bottom of the pyramid.

“There were many occasions that he raised many of such cases to me when I was ADUN DU under PJU (his former constituency).”

Yeo added that he was instrumental in being an “effective voice in raising 1MDB scandal”, which eventually became one of the main factors in the downfall of the Barisan Nasional government.

He was also “the man behind Impian Sabah and Impian Sarawak initiatives”, which made it possible for many villages in the most remote parts in Sabah and Sarawak to get basic water and electricity supply as well as assistance in education and healthcare.

Yeo also recalled that Pua went in and out of court many times due to his boldness to speak out against a corrupt regime for the people of Malaysia.

In relation to the 1MDB scandal, she said that the Damansara MP had sacrificed many holidays going through thick documents and accounts to speak out effectively on the issue.

He was also the first MP in Malaysian history to be sued by the Prime Minister.

“Today, even with a disappointing state party election results, I just want to say this - Tony, I am and will always be proud when I tell people Tony Pua is my boss.”

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