Yue pens loving message to wife on first anniversary

True love: Yue and Wang wed in December 2017. — Photo taken from Instagram

True love: Yue and Wang wed in December 2017. — Photo taken from Instagram


HONG Kong actor Shawn Yue marked his first wedding anniversary with a public tribute to his Taiwanese model wife Sarah Wang.

Oriental Daily reported that Yue, 37, posted images of the couple on his Instagram account and professed his love for her.

“One year ago, I made the most important decision in my life. One year later, I know that besides making the biggest decision in my life, I have also made the best decision in my life,” he wrote, thanking Wang for all she had done for him in the past year.

The couple were blessed with a son, Cody Yue, in May.

Wang, 30, also uploaded photos from their wedding on Instagram with the caption: “One year already, let me reminisce.”


> Mandopop star Jolin Tsai, 38, has admitted that she would use profanities to ease the overwhelming stress in her life, Guang Ming Daily reported.

Tsai, who is launching her latest album next month, said she used to be a perfectionist.

“I have realised that chasing perfectionism is b*******, I will never achieve it. What is perfection actually?” she asked at a press conference on Wednesday.

She added that whenever she felt overly stressed, she would swear to ease the tension.

She also said she had been keeping a diary where she would write down her feelings.


> A 136kg woman in Pennsylvania, the United States, pleaded guilty in court to killing her boyfriend by slamming her body against him, China Press reported.

Her boyfriend weighed about 54kg.

The 44-year-old woman said she had consumed a lot of beer that night in March.

The couple later got into a fight, during which she stabbed him with a knife and used the leg of a table to beat him up.

She then slammed her body against him, causing him to suffocate.

She called 911 when she realised that the man was dead.


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