Melaka CM tells 5-star hotel to address salary inequality

MELAKA: Melaka Chief Minister Adly Zahari has told the management of a five-star hotel here to address the inequity of salary between foreign and local staff.

Adly hopes that a renegotiation on the Collective Agreement (CA) should be held at once between the management and the union, representing the 140 support staff of one of the oldest hotels in the state.

 “Hopefully, the management listens to the union and improve the salary scales of the local staff,” he said when met here on Saturday (Nov 24).

 The workers picketed outside the hotel on Saturday, after they claimed that the management disregarded long service staff, who are still earning salaries of RM1,400 even after working for two to three decades.

National Union of Hotel, Bar and Restaurant Workers Peninsular Malaysia’s  secretary-general Rosli Affandi said the hotel management only agreed to a three percent increase on the three-year renewable CA with the union.

 “It tabulates to a RM30 increase for those earning a salary of RM1,000, while foreigners earn RM1,800 monthly with free accommodations.

 “Even new workers are paid a basic salary of RM1,500 and senior staff are still stuck under the low wages category,” he said when met during the picket.

 Rosli said the management refused to negotiate further and told the workers to go ahead with the picket.

 Hotel staff Riwayat Othman, 60, said the management has disregarded the National Wages Council Act 2011 by giving them “peanuts”.

 He said the paltry increment is insufficient for those with families and the salaries for 140 locals still remained at RM1,400.

 “I joined in late 1980s, with a hope of career advancement upon serving a number of years, but I am still stuck with low wages. Foreigners who perform the same tasks are given higher pay, and the management knows that senior staff like me have no option to look for another job due to the age factor,” he added.

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