Australia yet to finalise relocation of embassy to Jerusalem, says Dr M

SINGAPORE: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has told Australia its proposed relocation of its embassy to Jerusalem is as good as recognising Israeli's act of terrorism against Palestinians.

“I pointed out that in dealing with terrorism, one has to know the causes. Adding to the cause of terrorism is not going to be helpful.

“Australia has not made any decision. They are looking into it,” the Prime Minister told the media after holding bilateral talks with his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison here on Thursday (Nov 15).

Dr Mahathir said this while in Singapore to attend the 33rd Asean Summit and related summits.

The Prime Minister has consistently described Israeli atrocities against Palestinians as act of terrorism.

In his speech at the United Nations general assembly in September, Dr Mahathir said the world rewarded Israel, including by deliberately “provoking Palestine by recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel".

“It is the anger and frustration of the Palestinians and their sympathisers that cause them to resort to what we call terrorism.

"But it is important to acknowledge that any act which terrify people also constitute terrorism. And states dropping bombs or launching rockets which maim and kill innocent people also terrify people.

"These are also acts of terrorism,” Dr Mahathir said.

Australia’s stated plan to move its embassy to Jerusalem has also been criticised by Indonesia.


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