Gobind: Govt plans big data platform so that local techies can create better solutions

KUALA LUMPUR: The government plans to develop an open data exchange platform to provide public access to government data and also to encourage industries to share data.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo said the platform will stimulate the local technology community to develop meaningful solutions for Malaysians.

"I can't say this enough. Data changes lives and saves lives.

"This is the first step to take in order to digitalise the government," he said when officiating at the Digital Transformation Asia forum here on Tuesday (Nov 13).

He cited an example where crowd-sourced data from sensors monitoring radiation levels from the Fukushima nuclear plant, which was destroyed in an earthquake and tsunami in 2011, were used to reduce the risk in food quality.

"Think of what it can do for our cancer research project and our traffic situation if data was shared," he said.

Gobind said he plans to bring the suggestion to Cabinet early next year.

"We are in the process of studying it and I will announce the kind of data that will be shared on this platform later

"We will also make sure that data protection is at the top of the agenda to ensure no data breaches occur," he said.