Report to be lodged against revellers in 'underwear party' along Melaka River

File photo of properties along the Melaka River

File photo of properties along the Melaka River

MELAKA: Semi-nude revellers who were caught on video partying along the banks of the Melaka River may soon find themselves in hot water.

The Melaka River and Coastal Development Corporation is lodging a report against them for having a wild party in a public area that was captured in a viral video.

The corporation's Chief Executive Officer Azlan Abidin said the onus is on his department to lodge a report as such immoral acts could malign the image of the state as a tourist destination.

“Let the police investigate the footage uploaded by a Facebook user. It’s our responsibility as the corporation overseeing the management of the Melaka River to lodge a police report,” he said when contacted on Tuesday (Oct 16).

Azlan said he is unsure when the video was taken but it shows some

revellers clad only in their underwear having a party, while people on the opposite side of the bank look on.

Based on the footage, he believes the site is at a café along the Melaka River near Stadthuys, Banda Hilir. There are also several budget hotels in the vicinity.

“Anyway, my team will check the site based on the video footage and

interview the cafe owner to get accurate details for the police report,” he said.

The blurry 15-second video surfaced on Tuesday where a group of people were seen having a party, and the voices of several women could be heard.

In another development, Azlan said his office has submitted a list of rusty steel hand-railings along the riverbank that need to be changed at once.

He said the list was submitted to the Melaka Historic City Council (MBMB)

last week following an incident when a tourist fell into the river while taking a "selfie" due to the guard railing giving way on Oct 4.

Azlan said his team attended to all medical needs and booked the 30-year-old tourist from Langkawi into a hotel after the incident to safeguard the reputation of Melaka as a top tourist destination.

He added the incident happened behind the Portuguese galleon "Flor De Lar Ma" site in Banda Hilir.

The metal railing along the walkway that fronts the riverbank are maintained by MBMB.