Where, oh where is my Tupperware?

PETALING JAYA: A cooler bag with a food container that was accidentally left behind at the TTDI MRT station caught the eye of Malaysians after the operator, Rapid KL posted about it on social media.

Rapid KL posted a picture of a green food container and a black insulated cooler bag on its Facebook page at about 10am on Thursday (Oct 11).

It included the message "to the owner of the Tupperware, please come to the MRT TTDI (station) immediately. There is some rice and chicken curry, which we can finish. However, leaving Mom's Tupperware behind, that's asking for trouble." (Kepada pemilik Tupperware ini, sila datang ke MRT TTDI dengan kadar segera. Tertinggal nasi dengan kari ayam, kami boleh habiskan. Tapi tertinggal Tupperware mak, memang cari pasal.)

The Facebook page administrator played on the common belief that Malaysian mothers are very possessive of their Tupperware containers, and would be furious if their children were to accidentally lose them.

The post got over 5,700 Likes and shared over 2,000 times, with many Facebook users posting hilarious responses.

To'kiey Mokz wrote that his mother still asks him if he has found the Tupperware container which he lost 24 years ago.

"It has been 24 years... how do I find a replacement similar to that?" he said.

Nurul Aina Silalah reminded the owner to quickly recover the container, or this will be brought up by the mother until kingdom comes.

"If the Tupperware goes missing, any mother will bring this up until you die. I am going through this situation now."

Not too long after the post went up, FB user Azeim Cash thanked the administrator, saying the container belongs to him.

"Dear Admin, I would like to clarify that it is not chicken curry, but masak lomak ayam (chicken in coconut cream)," he said.

He added that he would arrive at the station during lunchtime with a witness to confirm that the container belongs to him.

Azeim also tagged his wife Asmahan Abas, stating that the container is "safely placed in the MRT station".

But the Rapid KL Facebook page administrator wasn't done with Azeim yet, cheekily adding, "Did you know the admin is a fan of the dish? Could you bring a plate of it for me?"

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