Farmers cry foul after their sheds are torn down


SEVERAL Indian smallholders and farmers in Gurun, Kedah claimed that officers from the Sungai Petani Municipal Council tore down sheds and other structures at their farms, Malaysia Nanban reported.

The farmers said they have been rearing chickens, geese, fish and growing vegetables and fruits in a vacant area in front of Taman Gurun Jaya for three decades and never had any problem.

However, on Saturday the officers came and dismantled the structures without any notice, said one of the affected farmers who only wanted to be identified as Ranga. The farmers were told by the officers that a notice had been issued on Jan 1.

Council member Poobalan Subramaniam managed to negotiate with the council officers to stop work temporarily and that the farmers are seeking compensation.

> Bystanders in Tamil Nadu, India, were shocked to see a policeman and two men get into an argument and end upfighting, Malaysia Nanban reported.

The policeman was on foot patrol in Dindigul when he was accosted by a bystander.

Other officers who arrived on the scene managed to detain one of the men who was identified as a wanted gangster.

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