Liow: Kick out component parties that do not live up to BN principles

KUALA LUMPUR: Any component party which did not live up to Barisan Nasional's principles of inclusiveness and moderation in multiethnic Malaysia ought to be kicked out, says MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

He said otherwise, the coalition, which ruled the country since Independence in 1957 but could end up being dissolved.

Thirteen BN component parties contested under the coalition in the 14th General Election but 10 of them left the coalition after it lost its grip on the federal government on May 9.

Umno and MIC have been under the spotlight of late especially after their party leaders attended the PAS Muktamar (Congress) earlier this month.

Liow reiterated here on Sunday (Sept 23) that MCA would not leave Barisan, but will continue to fight for what the coalition stood for.

He noted that MCA would not fall into the trap of DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang who was all out to get MCA to leave Barisan.

"The DAP has all along been twisting facts in its bid to portray MCA as a racist party," Liow said when opening the Selangor MCA convention here Sunday.

Liow said DAP together with the three Pakatan Harapan parties has been giving all sorts of excuses, including blaming the former government, for not fulfilling their promises made during GE14.

He said Pakatan had made 60 promises in GE14, including 10 to be fulfilled in their first 100 days as government.

"It is more than four months since Pakatan took over the federal government but what happened to their promises to make life better for the rakyat?" he asked.

Liow said the people had started to feel the pinch in their daily living right after giving Pakatan their mandate.

He said Pakatan should apologise to the people for its inability to deliver and give a new timeframe to meet their promises.

MCA as the second largest Barisan component party after Umno, and together with MIC fought and gained Independence for the country on Aug 31, 1957.

The three parties were a coalition - Alliance - from 1957 till 1973 where it was renamed Barisan Nasional and expanded to include other parties.

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