Two die, one hospitalised from snake bites while searching for fruit in jungle

One of the victims of the snake attack.

One of the victims of the snake attack.

MUKAH: Two men died while another is in a weak but stable condition after being bitten by a venomous snake while looking for asam paya (swamp tamarind) fruit.

Mukah OCPD DSP Jimmy Panyau said a man made a police report at 7am on Saturday (Sept 15) after his son failed to return home after going into the jungle with two friends to look for the fruit (scientifically known as Zalacca Conferta) near Kampung Bedanga here.

A search and rescue operation was launched by the Fire and Rescue Department with assistance from the Civil Defence Force and the police.

At about 11am Sunday (Sept 16), the team found the three victims in the jungle.

DSP Jimmy said that the deceased were identified as Stanley Saka, 21, from Rumah Saka, Ulu Tiris Dua, KM4.6 Jalan Selangau in Balingian and Duwat Jabu, 23, of Rumah Mawar, Tanjung Pedada near here.

The other victim, Lawrence Jinal, 40, of Rumah Lincan, Mukah, was hospitalised.

DSP Jimmy said that when the search and rescue team found them, Stanley and Duwat were already dead and Lawrence was motionless. He was immediately rushed to Mukah Hospital.

"An examination done on the two bodies revealed what is believed to be snake bites," he said.

DSP Jimmy said Lawrence recounted the incident to the police and said that they came across a snake in a tree.

The two deceased stirred the snake which then bit them.

Lawrence also said that he was bitten by the snake several times.

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