Zarina regrets not saving for rainy days

Compiled by JAROD LIM and R. ARAVINTHAN 

The entertainment pullout of Mingguan Malaysia ran a story about actress Zarina Zainuddin (pic) under the heading “Our life of luxury has ended”.

Zarina, 48, spoke of how the investments of her businessman husband had gone awry.

“It is days like these that I regret not having savings previously. If I had the savings, at least the money can now be used during emergencies and difficult times like now,” she said.

Her 15-year-old son had also asked her why their family was no longer going for holidays abroad.

Furthermore, her husband had liver problems and he is getting better now.

But she is counting her blessings, saying that her family was getting even closer now

Zarina, who has four children, got married in her 20s as the businessman’s second wife.

She earns money from her yellow glutinous rice (pulut kuning) business now.

> THE work is never done for firemen, or abang Bomba as they are affectionately known.

Besides fighting fires and rescuing people, firemen in Kuala Selangor had to rescue a young goat whose head was trapped inside a can.

Eight firemen were sent to the scene in Bestari Jaya after getting a call from the public about the plight of the goat on Saturday morning, Metro Ahad reported.

The team succeeded in helping the hapless goat, said Selangor Fire and Rescue Department assistant director of operations, Mohd Rizal Buang.

> Kosmo! Ahad ran a story about outrage from animal lovers over an incident in which a dead monkey was hung from a tree.

It is believed to have happened in Terengganu.

A brief video of the monkey was circulated on Twitter, uploaded by an unknown person who said that a farmer had shot dead the animal which had entered his property.

Apparently, the farm owner had strung up the monkey to deter others from entering the farm.

He admitted to the act and that there were now fewer monkeys.

However, netizens were upset with what they felt was a cruel act.

“There are many other ways to deter animals from encroaching the farm,” one wrote.

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