Man looking for ‘umbrella lady’ he met at the polls

KOTA KINABALU: May 9 is not only a special date to Malaysia but to one man, it is also an unforgettable day when he was offered to share an umbrella by an unknown woman on a scorching morning.

More than 100 days after the historic election, the man, identified only as Gan, still can’t stop thinking about the woman whose kind gesture has driven him to place an advertisement in a local newspaper in a bid to renew their acquaintance.

The advertisement in English, titled “Looking for a Lady I Met on 9th May 2018”, came out yesterday and has since gone viral on social media.

The two paragraphs read: “I’m Gan looking for the lady that I met in the St Francis Secondary School polling station on election day.

“You were so sweet and kind to shelter me with your umbrella, we had a good chat. You went to your car to get your outer shirt. We had to split when it was our turn to vote and I failed to ask you for your handphone number. I’d like to see you again. Please SMS or WhatsApp me at 012-835 8467. I await to hear from you. Regards Gan.”

When contacted, Gan remained coy about his full name, age, family and marital background.

“I’ve been thinking about this woman for months and I just want to be friends with her. I have no ill intention but to sincerely find a friend whom I can hang out with,” he said.

He remembered the morning he was queueing up for his turn to vote under the searing heat that day.

“Then this lady offered to share her umbrella with me, saying it was too hot. We hit it off as though we were old friends.”

Gan said their turn came about 20 minutes later but they never saw each other again after that. “I can’t take her off my mind. I hope to see her again ... maybe go out for a cup of coffee,” he added.

Gan hopes the “umbrella lady” – whom he described as cute with short hair and stands about 160cm (five feet three) – will see the advertisement and contact him.